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Call to Lyrical Leadership

When I was six years old, my dad read Carlo Collodi’s The Adventures of Pinocchio to me. My mom read Homer’s Odyssey to me. How many moms read scholarly literature to a six-year-old? With this type of upbringing and early reading list, I had to be honest, or my nose would grow long, and I had to travel the world because I wanted to be seduced by the mermaid’s enchanting call.

         I didn’t grow a long nose. I didn’t meet a mermaid. But tales abound. And wonderful places and heroes have sprang from the pages of my leadership journey. If I didn’t tell the stories along the way and inspire others, I wouldn’t be living and leading consistently with my why.     

         Leadership is not complicated. Leadership is vibrating in tune with others so that energy becomes infinite. It takes courage to lead in this world of eye-watering changes, but it also requires storytelling. No matter what plane, train, boardroom, conference hall, virtual meeting room, or restaurant you find yourself in while wearing your leader-skin, tell a tale and you may quite conceivably all at once:


  • Receive a listening ear.

  • Share knowledge.

  • Ignite empathy.

  • Laugh and make others laugh.

  • Communicate who you are.

  • Accelerate collaboration.

  • Gain followership.

  • Stir a positive culture of feedforward. (Stay tuned for more on this concept—I’ll tell you a tale!)


         These are my stories that have resonated with many people in the past, and I am pleased to share them now with you.

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