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Sharing a bottle of port wine, I sat on the cliff at the westernmost point of Europe, looking at the sun sinking. I had one thought: What is waiting for me behind the horizon?


She answered my question a few years later when I met her in Canada. 


I dedicate this book to Julie and Sarah-Anne because the first taught me humility and selflessness; the latter is the reason for this book. 

My Parents


When I was six years old, my dad read Carlo Collodi’s The Adventures of Pinocchio to me. My mom read Homer’s Odyssey to me...


Grandmothers’ Glory

Never underestimate the power of the ancient art of storytelling. Before feeding posts and amassing views, like it or love it, happiness was a fire, a piece of bread and a good story. Can you smell the bread baking? Warm and fragrant just out of the oven?..



Scout’s Oath: Service

I spent fourteen years, from ages seven to twenty-one in the Boy Scouts and learned about leadership as a service every day. As a kid, I didn’t understand the magnitude of service, but I did notice my peers spending summers with me, immersed in activities that served other people. This had a huge impact on my life...


Search for Dinosaurs, Find Yourself

At the age of ten or eleven, I remember looking around Venezia Mestre railway station, which is in the Pan-European Corridor always buzzing with activity and important business since it’s a port for both freight and passengers, receiving 500 trains and 85,000 passengers each day...


Resonance is when you can vibrate in tune with others. Energy is infinite when you resonate with someone. The limitlessness of what your team can achieve is your resonance as their leader.

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